Leadership Assessment and Action Package

Learning gives you the opportunity to think about a concept and then apply it.  Leadership is about acting on your learning in a way that inspires others to serve.  This is a continuous process where learning feeds leadership and leadership informs learning.  Genuine leadership happens through conversation - increasing trust, respect and engagement throughout a team, an organization.

We want you to have great conversations.  

As leaders within our organizations, when we have a conversation with those who we are leading, we need to actually get to know them, we need to understand the direction we are going and why this is important for all, we need to figure out how our capabilities present us with possibilities, we decide on what actions we can and will commit to, and ultimately we want to support each other to serve our customer.  

We Bring Expertise, Process and Tools to Support You in the Conversations of Learning to Lead

Learners2Leaders starts with an assessment. We have a conversation with you about key dimensions of leadership – for you, your team or your organization.  

We discover with you who you are as learning leaders, what is important, how you contribute as leaders and what actions you have taken as leaders to support your organizational direction.

Following the assessment, we co-create a picture about what we see regarding leadership, what you want to see in your leadership and why this is important. This helps you decide on areas you want to focus on.

We then look at how we might build capacity for leadership in your organization.  This can include who, why, how and what you, your leaders or potential leaders want to take action on through learning.

As part of implementing your action plan, Learners2Leaders works with you on how to support the learning and the practice of leadership. We can also provide coaching to help your team and organization move in a positive and progressive direction.

Package Components

Continue to develop leadership by creating more engagement between leaders, peers and customers. Discover how following an integrated leadership framework through learning conversations can foster internal inspiration, open communication, creativity and inspired action.

Packages for Organizations, Teams, Individuals:


  • Leadership Assessment

  • Learning Leadership Picture

  • Capacity Building

  • Planning and Preparing for Action

  • Targeted Coaching