Learning Leader Conversation Workshops

Today conversation is becoming a lost art.  The richness of conversation can be enhanced by discovering more of who we are interacting with, what is important to them and how we can positively communicate.  Learners2Leaders facilitates conversation on key leadership topics.

At each workshop participants will explore or expand upon a dimension of leadership.

The workshop format is:

  • Who is participating

  • Explore the topic

  • Discover why the topic is important as a leader

  • Talk about how to apply the topic as a learning leader

  • Define what actions can be taken to grow as a leader

  • Commit to action as part of your growth as a learning leader

Some topics include:

  • A Framework for Preparing to Lead

  • Conversational Roles of Leadership

  • Perform, Performing, Performance, THE PERFORMANCE

  • Tell Me Your Story

  • An Inspired Idea

  • Your Mission and Choosing to Accept It

  • Importance of Values

  • Preference Lenses of Learning and Thinking

  • Principles and Priorities for Being Together

  • Contributions I Bring to the Table

  • Possibilities I See

  • Choices TO BE Made

  • Action TO BE Taken

  • Commitment TO BE Shown

  • Behaviours TO BE Seen

  • Blending in the Moment

  • Practice …….Really?


Conversation is Key to Growth

Each workshop is up to 1.5 hours so they can be offered as a lunch and learn, at an off-site or at a learning event for your organization or team.

These workshops combined with the Ensemble Program and the Leadership Assessment and Action Package services have the greatest impact because the workshops go beyond what is learnt.

Whichever avenue you chose to engage us, you will discover learning through conversation is a key strategy in your growth as the leader you want to be.